Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Teatime Treat

Since living in Glasgow, I have involved myself wholeheartedly in a certain “scene”, as have many other young people living in the city.

My regular haunts are Subclub and the Arches, as well as a couple of independent nights. As much as i love the club nights I go to and the people I go with, sometimes I itch for something a bit different, and I think other people feel the same.

The purpose of this blog is to investigate things t do in Glasgow that may fall under the radar, so whether you’re a Cathouse regular, or prefer Campus, hopefully you’ll find something a bit different to try.

Going out for drinks with my friends is standard behaviour, but I always find myself in the same bar ordering the same drink, so when I saw Teatime Martinis advertised at the Blind Pig on Byres Road, I called my friend Sofie (my most regular drinking partner) and headed over.

The Blind Pig has a sort of 20’s speakeasy feel, with music to match. Above the bar hangs various crystal ware, and the bartenders wear suspenders or waistcoats making it a quirky and enjoyable environment to be in.

For £20, my friend and I received a huge teapot full of a martini of our choice and pretty cake stand with sandwiches, scones and cakes.

The martini we chose was Strawberry Cream Tea, and it was delicious. Pretty pale pink in colour, the drink smelt divine and tasted even better. Dangerously you could barely taste the alcohol and it was very, very more-ish. The martini was shaken up and poured in front of us at our table, with the mixologist giving us some banter.

The cake stand was laden with sandwiches, cakes and scones. One of the cakes had banana in it so I was forced to spit it out (phobia of the fruit, you see) which almost ruined my experience, but not quite, perhaps because the martini had dulled my senses!

If you want to try the delight of teatime martinis, visit the Blind Pig on Byres Road, or check out the website:

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